Gua Sha massage

Lisa ostukorvi

Gua Sha massage is a natural Chinese traditional treatment. The massage is performed by scraping the problematic areas on the skin with a scrubber made of metal, bone, horn, stone or semiprecious stone. The purpose of the therapy is to improve blood circulation and movement of Qi energy along the meridians in your body.

Gua Sha massage is a great natural therapy, which can be used to treat several illnesses such as: chronic pains, muscle stress, neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder or hand, fever, lumbar stress, headache, migraine, stiff neck, stiff ligaments, rheumatoid arthritis, heat stroke. The therapy can be repeated after 3-6 days, but only if the previous "Sha" traces (red or blue spots on the skin) have disappeared. The massage should be done until your issues are gone. However, the healing process starts immediately, and pains start to disappear already during the massage, so in most cases 1 session is enough. For chronic pains and healing older problems you may require more than one session.