ChinUp mask, which uses natural plant extracts to tighten the area under your chin and reduces double chin. Smooths the jaw line and lifts your cheeks. Has won several beauty awards around the world

A new revolutionary non-surgical method for reducing double chin, smoothing the jaw line and lifting cheeks. The procedure is painless and results can be seen immediately. It takes 30 minutes and a single session will reduce your double chin by 2-3 cm.

A mask developed by South Korean beauty experts with natural substances moistens, tightens and cares for the skin under your chin and with a tightening strap lifts your cheeks, smooths the jaw line and reduces double chin very effectively.

Use with the strap for 30-40 minutes. Results last for 7 - 10 days. To reduce double chin and tightening your chin it's recommended to perform the procedure at least once a month or once a week, depending on your needs. Instructions included.

While taking the treatment you can carry on with your everyday routines. You can cook, read a book, watch TV, surf the web and chat with your friends.

Results have been proven.

No allergens. Approved by the FDA and CPSR.  Imported from the UK. Made in South Korea.